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Product Type: Modular and broadloom.
Modular Size: 24" x 24" (61.0cm x 61.0cm).
Yarn Weight: 22 oz./sq. Yd (746 grams/m2).
Type of Pattern: Geometric.

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Product Type: Modular and broadloom.

Modular Size: 24" x 24" (61.0cm x 61.0cm).

Yarn Weight: 22 oz./sq. Yd (746 grams/m2).

Type of Pattern: Geometric.

Construction: Tufted.

Surface Texture: Dense textured patterned loop.

Gauge: 1/10" (39.4/10cm).

Stitches: 9.3 per inch.

Finished Pile Height: .0170 inch (4.32 mm).

Face Yarn: 100% Dextron nylon with recycled content.

Dye Method: Solution dyed.

Soil Protection Treatment: NewTex.

Primary Backing: 100% non woven synthetic.

Backing Material: UniBak Plus.


Static: 3.0 KV when tested under the standard shuffle test 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) minus 20% R.H.

Flammability: Passes DOC-FF-1-70 pill test.

Flooring Radiant Panel Test: Meets NFPA Class 1 when tested under ASTM E-648 glue down.

Smoke Density: NBS Smoke chamber NFPA-258 less than 450 flaming mode.


Wear: Lifetime of carpet. No more than 10% face yarn loss by weight in normal use. Protective chair pads are recommended under office chairs with roller casters to preserve appearance and avoid premature wear.

Static: Lifetime of carpet.

Edge Ravel: Lifetime of carpet. Guaranteed no edge ravel in normal use.

Delamination: Lifetime of carpet. Guaranteed no delamination in normal use.

Tuft Bind: Lifetime of carpet.

Lightfastness: Lifetime plus Atmospheric Containment warranty.

PQS Prime Quick Ship

Prime Quick Ship is readily available stock. The program was designed to support you with unparalleled personalized service so you can get the products you need when you need them. The recommended installation method for our full collection is quarter-turn, monolithic and brick ashlar.

Dextron Solution Dyed Nylon Fiber

Our fiber is specifically engineered to make carpet look better longer. Carpet made from Dextron comes with a life time stain removal and performance warranty. Dextron fiber contains 20% recycled nylon content.

Environmental Attributes

As a company that places environmental sustainability as a top business objective, Roya strives to help it's customers earn leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) points whenever possible. Our goals are aligned with USBGC - we create carpet products designed to minimize their impact on the environment focusing on product composition, manufacturing process and reclaim renewal options (contributing towards LEED points).

NewTex Soil Resistant Treatment

As carpet fibers need protection to improve resistance to soiling NewTex is a fluorochemical treatment that is applied and bonded to the pile fiber to impede soiling and to improve cleanability.

Carpet Reclamation Program

We will take your worn carpet and guarantee that it will not reach a land fill, regardless of original manufacturer, type or fiber content. Sustainability and responsible environment stewardship is an integrated part of our product planning and manufacturing process.

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