Carpet Reclamation Program

Take it back? Absolutely.

We will take your worn carpet and guarantee that it will not reach a landfill, regardless of original manufacturer, type or fiber content. With about 5 billion pounds of discarded carpet being land-filled every year, we are determined to do all we can to quickly and dramatically reduce that number. We strive to find the most beneficial end-use for your reclaimed carpet. In fact, we will even pick it up-just call and leave the rest to us. Sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship is an integrated part of our product planning and manufacturing - not an afterthought to enhance customer perception.

Step 1: Call Prime Flors Customer Service at: U.S. & Canada 905-604-7692 or 1-888-220-9093
Step 2: Receive a quote within 72 hours.
Step 3: Recycle your carpet. We'll facilitate the containers and shipping and provide you with a detailed certificate of recycling.
Carpet Reclamation Program